We monitor all of our services 24/7, if you are a customer with our broadband, managed router, or managed wireless equipment please raise a ticket if you’re having any issues with our services.    If you’re having issues with other providers please use the contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

*Please note, we’ll be rolling out ticketing services for clients without our broadband or managed services soon. 

Opti-Fi Core Network
No issues to report 100%
Opti-Fi Broadband
No issues to report 100%
Opti-Fi Network Management Services
No issues to report 100%

Planned Maintenance

We love to keep our network running a smooth as possible, so we’re scheduling some time to do a router upgrade.   This router upgrade is for all Opti-Fi managed routers across the board,  we’d like to do this quarterly from now on – mainly for security updates.   

We’re planning on doing this between 12:30AM and 2:30AM on Thursday 12th March.   This is to prevent any disruption to business and for a speedy roll-out.    You may see downtime of around 15 minutes within this window.  

On Wednesday 12th February there will be planned maintenance window for no more than 1 hour starting at 12:30AM, this is to upgrade your managed router.  During this time your service will show as offline.