What do we have to offer for PC and Mac repair services:

Fast Computer Diagnostics Services.

PC & Mac Speedup / Servicing.

Windows 10 Upgrades.

Hard Disk Drive to Solid State Drive Upgrades.

Custom Gaming Builds & Maintenance. 

PC & Mac Upgrade Installations (Hardware & Software)

Whats included in the Speedup / Service?

  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • System File Repairs
  • Checkdisk Repairs
  • Temporary File Cleanup
  • Virus & Adware Removal
  • System Update Installation

For Only: £46.00

Our PC & Mac Service Costs?

Hourly rate: £46.00

Half Hour Rate: £23.00 (Repairs Which Take Less Than 30 Minutes and Diagnostic Services)

If you would like to get a custom quotation please get in contact with us.

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