Coronavirus Measures

Working from home whilst in Isolation or self-quarantine

  • Broadband Check
  • Wi-Fi Health Check, we will enhance if needed to ensure a seamless connection
  • Equipment check ensuring that your devices are functioning to the best of their ability
  • Software check and setup, ensuring compatibility with the remote/hosted network
  • Secure remote desktop and Remote VPN to your business from home, including diagnosing problems within your systems.
  • Online monitoring
  • We can host and setup a secure online environment for your business networking needs
  • We will ensure that your system and needs will be protected by enhanced security solutions online and offline
  • Data transfer and recovery solutions, we can transfer from old to new and recover data from failed hardware.
  • Remote dialing into your home network by Opti-Fi if you experience any problems within your Wi-Fi Network and/or equipment problems.
  • Customer ticketing system

Looking after our families and friends during Isolation or quarantine

Opti-Fi can supply and fit products which will keep you connected to your family and friends, either on Wi-Fi or mobile communications, wherever you are in the world.

The devices below can be set up by us quickly with ease;

  • Amazon Eco screens and indoor cameras, enabling two-way communications from your devices either in home or further afield.
  • Ring doorbells can be used to answer any callers to your property without any physical contact, alert you with audio and visual feeds, recordings and security monitoring.

Visiting your place of work or home

 Opti-Fi staff will take guidance from our own in house specialists, our military background dealing with