CCTV Security Systems

Opti-Fi are the Islands first trained and Certified Hikvision installers, others follow but we set the standards. If your business or home needs extra security then Hikvision is the worlds number one in CCTV systems. There are an abundance of intelligent functions available from this system, too many to list, endless options to make your CCTV system suited to your unique requests, some of the options are:

Heat Mapping

In uncertain times, we can install a system to track the temperatures around the room including abnormal human temperature.

People Counting

Don't worry about how many people have entered your premises, our system will do that for you.
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Elevator Control

Maintain, and secure all elevator services through this state of the art hardware and software.


Hardware and software that will connect to your phone or computer when someone arrives to visit or to deliver something.
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Facial Recognition

Automatically clock-in to work and track who is entering your premises.

Real Time Alarming

Never get caught out again with our real time alarm system, alerts sent straight to your phone or computer.
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Point of Sale Tracking

Track your all-important PoS services in real time with your CCTV.

Door Entry Systems

Grant or revoke access to areas of your building, or site.
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